For the impatient, here's a short video that showcases the possibilities of Bling Blocks:

For some time, we at Beligum have been searching for a small, simple and super-user-friendly Java CMS. Since nothing really pleased us, we decided to write our own CMS (on the excellent Play! Framework), based on one idea: no more back-end.

You're looking at the result: a developer-oriented Java CMS without a real backend.

Please note: we totally know there's still a ton of bugs in this 0.1 release, but hey, we release early and release often.
If you want to help or get in contact, please use our mailing list.

Wanna see for yourself?

First, click the link below to authenticate:

Click here to login
  username: demo
  password: demo

Now click on any text you want to edit or hold downyour CTRL-key
(ALT-key for Mac users) and drag-and-drop the blocks to re-layout the page

Simple as that!

Yep, we use blocks


You simply add blocks of content right in the front-end of your website. With our lovely WYSIWYG editor, you edit your block-sections. Even better, you can move them around as you please or delete one with a single click.

It's fully responsive


Hey, we all know how much we love our mobile devices. Thanks to Twitter Bootstrap, Bling Blocks makes sure everything looks neat on every device.

You are part of the community


We're no CMS development company. Though, we would love to make this better. Up for some collaboration? Hit us up and contact us.